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   It has the function as a lighting lantern as well as a mobile phone charger. This Solar Lantern are suitable for remote mountain regions, fishing boats, tourist sites, schools, hospitals and any places without electricity supply.


1.Shell: super quality ABS in various colors(Yellow/Green/Blue/Red/Gray)

2.Battery:6V/4.5 Ah lead acid battery or 7.4v/4.00 Ah lithium battery with overcharging and over-discharging protection circuit inside.

3.Solar panel: 9V/3W multi crystalline solar panel under the condition of AM1.5,1000W/M²,25℃.

4.LED power and Luminous flux: around 1.5-2W /100-140 lumen

5. Battery charging methods: by 3W solar panel or by traditional AC-DC(9v) charging adapter

6.Time needed for full battery charge : With 3W solar panel, it will need 10-11 efficient charging hours under the sunny condition of AM1.5,1000W/M²,25℃. For example, the sunny day in Africa from 10:am—15pm can be called 5 efficient charging hours or called a typical efficient solar day.

If you hope to charge the battery full in one typical efficient solar day (5-6hours efficient charging hours), please pay extra money to increase the solar panel to 6W.

6.Battery-running time: around 12-13 hours after it’s been fully charged.




1. Charge the lantern before using if possible, the LED indicator becomes Red when in charging

2. Please charge the lantern timely when the lighting becomes weaker.

3. Please keep the solar modules/panel facing the sun. Plug the solar panels' jack into the charging socket. Always keep a vertical angle to the sun if possible in order to have a better sunlight collecting effects. You can adjust the solar panel's angle according to the latitude in your areas.

4. Any severe strikes, drops ,shocks, fires on the lamps are prohibited in order to avoid possible damages.


Warranty Period:

1. One year since the purchasing date. We warrant that the products have been carefully tested and inspected and all are in good working conditions.

2. During the warranty period, except man-made damages and damages caused by misuse of the purchaser, all defective parts are free to be replaced by our local distributor including the solar panel, battery, circuit board, ABS body, Led, Switch, Mobile phone connection etc. Defective parts replaced under this warranty shall become the property of our company.
Product Disposal:

In order to protect the environment , please don’t litter the overdue lantern parts which are out of use including the battery, lantern body, solar panel etc. Please contact our distributors in your area and send them to the designated warehouse for further disposal and recycling . You can also send them to our after-sales service center in Benin Africa. Add: 81BP7124 C/50 Ginkomey Cotonou, Benin Tel: 00229 67 32 6010 Atten: Mr.Salim BIO TCHANE



1. Do protect the lanterns from exposure to water. If the product gets wet, dry it ASAP to prevent any water from getting inside or its circuits will get burnt and stop working.

2. Mobile phone charging can reduce the daily runtime of the light.


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